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When I want to see you the weather don’t mean a thing.  #christianjoy #fashionillustration @bubblesnyc #danceparty
Hannelore Knuts in Christian Joy! Photo by #Ioulex Styled by Polina Aronova @polinaaronova Make up @deannamelluso  for #DossierMagazine #latergram @relaxitsonlyfashion
I’m super excited to announce that Christian Joy will be available beginning next week at Line and Label in Williamsburg,  Brooklyn!  @lineandlabel #christianjoy #KarenO #yeahyeahyeahs #springfashion @leahmooneyes

Christian Joy Spring dresses! Contact for inquiries.

Me in 1992 thinking I look so dang cool! #90sfashion #1992 #christianjoy
My illustrious life! 
I’ve never been into drawing, so when I have to sketch out ideas I always feel a little bit stuck. Paper cut out’s have always made more sense. Here is a piece I made using tissue paper, construction paper and tempera paint. 
Thank you Lexy for the amazing illustration!  @lexymakesthings #cjinterns #christianjoy

Christian Joy for Karen O Oscar’s Gown Illustrations. 


Karen O and Ezra Koenig performing The Moon Song at the 86th Academy Awards

Karen O in Christian Joy! 

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a million miles away

I love this so much. It really makes the entire process of creating a piece totally worth it. Thank you so much. It’s wonderful.